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The Story of Nannans Sweets

Family business inspired by Penny and Nannan's love of sweets

Nannan has very fond memories from her childhood when she would go to the local sweet shop and get two quarters of Lion Midget gems, one bag for her mum and one bag for herself.

Her Mum and Nannan would swap black and white midget gems as Nannan loves white ones and her Mum loved black ones. This tradition carried on for nearly 50 years until Nannan’s Mum passed away. But Nannan still loves white Midget Gems and it is her favourite sweet of all time.

Nannan does not really like chocolate.

Penny is now 8 years old and loves visiting Nannan and Grandpa’s house, so she can see all the sweets.


Our Inspiration and Best Customer

Nannan and Penny enjoy spending time together making cakes, making craft work, sewing, talking, playing games especially hide and seek with Grandpa.

Penny enjoys having sleepovers at Nannan and Grandpa’s house and watching films with some snacks.

Penny helps Nannan in the sweet room sometimes and gets to see all the new stock.

Nannan loves hearing Penny say “Nannan………”

Eco-Packaging Range

We’ve been working closely with suppliers to bring you the most eco-friendly packaging range available. 

Now you can choose from 5 sizes of our eco-friendly resealable bags (perfect for pocket sweets), and our 5 size luxury 100% BPA Free Jars with screw on lids.

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