Introducing Nannans Recipes

Introducing Nannans Recipes, Nannan and Pennys Baking Series where they create and bake recipes based on your favourite sweets! Join us in baking our monthly recipes.

Nannan is excited to announce her newest series, Nannan Recipes!

Nannans Sweets are excited to announce our exciting newest series, Nannans Recipes. Nannans recipes are delicious recipes that are perfect to bake with your family to create memories and equally to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But, there is something special about Nannans Recipes, as the recipes are not ordinary. The recipes you see are based on sweets that you can shop on Nannans Sweets website.

Every month, Nannan will share a new recipe. The recipe may be based on a top-selling pack of sweets, maybe a customer favourite, or potentially the sweet that Nannan and Penny have enjoyed the most this month. Find out all about Nannans recipes and how to get involved below.

The Inspiration

For those who do not know the story of Nannans Sweets, we are a traditional sweets company, established from the love of sweets and special memories. Nannan, the founder and heart behind Nannans Sweets, has fond memories from her childhood trips to the sweet shop with her mother.

This special tradition carried on for years and years until Nannan, unfortunately, lost her mother. But, as love and tradition go, Nannan was keen to continue this tradition in her own way. And that’s when Nannans Sweets was born!

Nannan established Nannans Sweets to continue the love of sweets within her family. And to share these warm memories and love with you and yours.

Nannans Sweets also has a little helper, Penny. Nannans Granddaughter, and Nannans Sweets’ chief sweet taster behind the scenes! Nannan and Penny love talking about, shopping for, and tasting scrumptious sweets. But do you know what else they love? Baking!

Bake with Nannan and Penny

Nannan and Penny love to spend their Saturdays baking a sweet treat or a chocolatey cake to share with the rest of the family when they come together on a Sunday. Nannan’s customers also love to bake! Who doesn’t love baking?

So, Nannan of course thought of a way to combine the love of sweets and baking and created Nannans Recipes.

Nannans Recipes are Inspired by You!

Nannan curates special recipes based on sweets that you love! So, what are your favourites?

By letting us know what sweets you are loving, Nannan can get her thinking cap on and design a recipe that reminds you of your favourite sweet.

For example, who doesn’t love Haribo Giant Strawbs? One of Nannan’s Best Sellers. Based on this popular sweet, Nannan created a delicious Strawberry Cheesecake.

Let us know what you would like to see

Make sure to keep Nannan updated with your favourite sweets. Let us know on social media or on your order notes, and we will try to create a special bake just for you!

Try them at home

And of course, Nannan would love for you to get involved, she created the recipes for you! Every time we release a new recipe, you have the chance to bake your own and be featured on social media!

How it works

Simply get your apron on and bake Nannan’s newest recipe! But try not to eat your creation too fast. Make sure you get a picture once your bake is looking delicious and ready to eat and share it on social media. If you tag us @nannanssweets or email us your photos, you may be featured on our page.

Nannans Recipes

Nannan’s Recipes can be found on our blog page or on our social media accounts. Nannan would love for you to get involved, and Penny cannot wait to get baking! We hope you enjoy Nannans Recipes as much as we loved creating them!

Nannan x

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